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Foot Care & Wellness


Hypnotherapy by John Teleska, M.Ed.

Acupuncture for Colds & Flu by Mary Sarratori, MSAOM, LAc

Spa of the Month - Les Nouvelles Esthetiques & Spa magazineSeptember 2012

Cover story feature in Canandaigua Magazine Spring 2012

Prenatal Massage by Amy Smith, BA, LMT

Keeping Warm by Jarrod Reed, AAS, LMT

Do You Know Your Dosha? by Krista Ingerick, BA, LMT

Ayurveda at The Springs - Winter Suggestions

NYANP Winter 2011 Legislative Update

They Came to New York for the Waters from NY Times, May 9, 2008

Clifton Springs Hospital: Historic Healing Waters and Modern Integrative Medicine - Alternative & Complementary Therapies, June 2005