The Springs now offers group acupuncture sessions for the community.  Community style acupuncture is conducted in an open room facility with a soothing atmosphere. There are several patients in one room receiving treatment at the same time. This large group delivers a wonderful energy of healing and allows for affordable acupuncture rates and frequent acupuncture care.

This has several advantages: Community style sessions allow us to treat several patients at once and to be available to each patient at the same time, which allows us to provide acupuncture at rates that are lower than those charged for typical private-room treatments. It also means you are not left alone in a room by yourself full of needles. Your acupuncturist checks in frequently to make sure you are comfortable. You may come with a supportive friend or family member and be treated together.

We do recommend scheduling an appointment for Community Style Acupuncture. We will do our best to accommodate walk-ins, however, during busy times, we may not be able to treat you quickly.

 What to Expect:

1.  Before entering the treatment room, your acupuncturist will meet with you in a private consultation room to discuss your concerns. You will then be brought into the group setting for the treatment. You will need to complete forms before your initial session, so plan to arrive 20 minutes before your scheduled appointment to complete forms.

2.  Please wear loose comfortable clothing; we need to be able to access your elbows and knees. Tank tops and button down shirts are helpful too.  

3.  Some of our patients fall asleep and snore; bring earplugs or headphones if you wish.

4.  You will relax in a zero gravity recliner during your treatment. These chairs are comfortable for most, however, keep in mind that they have a 300lb weight limit. If your acupuncturist needs to insert needles into your back to offer the most effective treatment, we do have a comfortable massage chair that can be used for such sessions rather than the recliners.


The group setting has benefits beyond just affordability. As with any kind of intentional group endeavor—such as meditation or prayer, for example—when you do something with other people it enhances the experience for everyone. It’s the same with acupuncture: receiving treatment in a room with others raises the dynamic energy of the group and healing is enhanced. It’s also nice for friends and family to be able to come in together, creating a sense of camaraderie.  In many cases, patient outcomes progress better with regular and frequent acupuncture treatments.

Community Style Acupuncture Policies & Fees


There are some rules patients must follow to make the group treatment experience a positive one for everybody.

1.  The community treatment room is a QUIET ZONE. Please turn your cell phone off before entering the treatment room. Even a vibrating phone can be distracting to the healing process.

2.  To help us maintain a calm, relaxing atmosphere, please speak in whispers and do not socialize with others while you’re in the room.


3.  Please bring your personal belongings with you to your chair.


4.  Please refrain from wearing colognes, perfumes or strong scents, as some of our patients have chemical sensitivity.




Tuesdays & Thursdays


Initial Visit: $35    
Follow-up Sessions:  $20


The Springs Integrative Medicine Center & Spa Clifton Springs Hospital & Clinic


*Note: Coupons, discounts & promotions are not applicable to CSA fees. We do not bill insurance for these visits.


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